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When & How to Choose a Print on Demand Fulfillment Partner

Is your eCommerce store ready to take flight? If this is the case, you’re probably looking for a print on demand fulfillment partner. Excellent decision!

When & How to Choose a Print on Demand Fulfillment Partner

The economy is booming, and products are flying off the shelves. Isn’t that a good thing? But, amid the excitement, you begin to notice that the physical demands and detailed work associated with picking-packing-and-shipping orders are wearing you down. You can have the best product in the world, but it will only be worth a little if you can get it to your customers safely and on time. It is critical to choose the right print on demand fulfillment partner for your company. Outsourcing your fulfillment has numerous advantages. However, before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should think about.


1. Your Shipping Time Is Taking Too Long

Today’s online shoppers expect their orders to be delivered quickly. While some customers may be willing to wait an extra day or two, orders that take a week or more to arrive will likely generate complaints, especially if a quick turnaround time was promised.

As logistics experts, print on demand service providers use various strategies to optimize your supply chain, which speeds up ecommerce order fulfillment while lowering shipping costs. At the same time, they will collaborate with trusted last-mile carriers to ensure that the final leg of distribution runs smoothly and quickly.

While fulfillment partners cannot control supply chain delays, they have the resources, best practices, and industry experience to provide small businesses with fast, low-cost shipping that they may need help providing.

2. You Need Better Supply Chain Logistics
Supply Chain Logistics

When you’re self-fulfilling and self-distributing, it’s all too easy to make mistakes — but even minor mistakes can bring your supply chain to a halt and make it impossible to distribute your product to customers. Small errors make it difficult to promptly get print on demand products into customers’ hands in these situations. 

Handing off fulfillment to a distribution print on demand fulfillment partner can help you iron out those minor hiccups while also streamlining your supply chain. They understand how to fine-tune a supply chain and combine SOPs, technology, and automation to reduce hiccups that become major problems.

3. You Need To Ship Internationally
 Ship Internationally

International shipping is a multi-faceted process with numerous complications for small business owners, such as tariffs, import duties, customs, restrictions, and regulatory requirements. These additional fees and taxes make it more expensive for both the seller and the customer, and orders still take longer than domestic shipments. 

Many small businesses need more time, resources, or expertise to sell internationally; however, with a print on demand partner, ecommerce stores have an ally to help them navigate international shipping. Print on demand fulfillment companies understand the complexities of distributing products internationally and can assist merchants in developing strategies to ensure quick and cost-effective international shipping.


1. Check To See If They Can Meet Your Needs
Meet Your Needs

Numerous print on demand fulfillment companies are available, and many will claim to meet your every need and ship your product accurately and on time. However, do your research and select a company knowledgeable about your industry. Some companies focus solely on one aspect of ecommerce order fulfillment for start-ups or small businesses. Ensure that the print on demand services and technology they provide is appropriate for your brand’s current and future needs. Working with someone who can grow alongside you is essential. They must be familiar with you, your brand, and your business model.

2. Select A Reputable And Experienced Company

You risk providing a poor brand experience to your customers if you choose an inexperienced service provider who is new to the industry. Don’t sully your company’s reputation. Work with a reputable print on demand company with years of proven experience and trained and knowledgeable staff in all business areas, from call center specialists and fulfillment operators to technical staff. Request customer references and testimonials from individuals with whom they have worked. You should also go to their headquarters and meet the entire team.

3. Make Sure They Provide The Best Possible Rates

Working with a print on demand fulfillment partner saves you money on labor, overhead, packing supplies, and other expenses in the long run. It would help if you ensured that your selected fulfillment partner provides the best possible rates.

Fulfillment providers can negotiate better rates with carriers than individual merchants because of the volume they ship, so make sure they pass some of these savings on to you. Because of these cost savings, online sellers can frequently compete with major retailers by offering free or discounted shipping. Choosing a fulfillment partner who allows your company to benefit from free or low-cost shipping gives you a significant advantage.

4. They Must Be Scalable

A good fulfillment partner is as concerned with your company’s growth and success as you are. Furthermore, they are willing and able to adapt and grow with you as your business grows. It is critical that the services they provide, from integration technologies to reporting systems, are adaptable and scalable. Unexpected circumstances that affect your company are common in the business world. Make sure you hire a print on demand fulfillment provider who is adaptable, scalable, and capable of dealing with any unexpected situations that may arise along the way.



Choosing the best print on demand fulfillment partner for your online business requires extensive research and deliberation. However, the benefits of investing in the right fulfillment partner are enormous. It will enable you to provide better service to your customers while allowing your company to develop and establish a strong brand identity.

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