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2021 Best Trends of Print on Demand Graphic Design

Have a heads-up on what kind of Print on demand designs are working well this 2021 and see how you can advance for your next Print on demand design ideas.

2021 Best Trends of Print on Demand Graphic Design

Every year in the Print on demand (POD) market, a succession of trends and styles emerge that are well-recognized and provide selling possibilities for all types of Print on demand sellers. As a result, a PoD entrepreneur must stay one step ahead of the latest design trends.


1. 3D Illustrations that are stylized
3D Illustrations

3D design software is becoming more widely available on mobile and desktop platforms. For example, Vectary. It’s no wonder that simple 3D illustrations have become a popular trend in digital graphic design. However, it’s not only simple to create, but it also looks fantastic. In addition, millennials and younger generations are highly interested in 3D designs. Therefore, it will undoubtedly bring your print on demand business a lot of profit.

2. Erratic typography
Erratic typography

Traditional typography is an art form that arranges text clearly and understandably. Meanwhile, erratic typography disrupts letter and word alignment and order. However, when creating this sort of design for a product, it’s essential to be aware of the available print area. So that you can make use of the entire space to convey your message. However, the goal is to make the text aesthetically appealing while yet keeping it readable. In addition, if you want to add more dynamic to your text-based designs, this is a trend you should explore. It is ideal for Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing on almost any product in our range.

3. Tie-dye effect
Tie-dye effect

Next is a revival of the beautiful anti-fashion style of the 1960s, the tie-dye effect. DIY tie-dying was a great way to relieve tension when the world’s population fled into the safety of their homes during the pandemic. What’s excellent about tie-dye patterns is that they’re just as simple to make digitally. As a result, there’s no need to get your hands dirty or stain your sink! In a matter of minutes, you can begin selling unique clothes with tie-dye designs.

4. Designs with gold accents
 Designs with gold accents

Metal textures in graphic elements have grown popular in recent years to draw attention to specific areas of the design. We’ve mostly seen computerized representations of gold-colored components. It has gold foil textures and 3D lettering on the side with primary forms. As a result, your designs will print with vibrant colors, and you will be able to advertise them as a premium print on demand products.

5. Anime

This one has been on the rise since 2020, and it continues this 2021! Anime designs are trendy among millennials and younger generations. In addition, they work for almost every notion you can think of, and they never go out of style. For instance, try adding some Anime to your listings and see what happens. Anime is quite popular, and its style is exciting and simple to relate to.

6. Geometric shapes illustrations
Geometric shapes

They’re bright, attractive, and easy to make, and they’re perfect for embroidery. However, the use of primary forms distinguishes this style on embroidered items. Therefore, when working on a design of this sort, it is critical to establish and adhere to a color palette. In addition, colors with excellent contrast and brightness are ideal for this theme.

7. Vintage Retro
Vintage Retro

Retro-style designs, ironically, will never go out of vogue. We’ve seen it on a lot of Birthday t-shirts, but its appeal is universal. So, keep an eye out for Modern Retro designs in 2021. Moreover, retro vintage style designs are wonderful humorous and birthday gifts, and it is a fashion that will never go out of style.

8. Patterns

The all-over print style is expected to grow in popularity with Merchandise sellers. You may use pattern designs for a wide variety of items. Socks, cushions, tote bags, and phone covers are just a few examples of items that benefit significantly from Pattern patterns.

9. Strong Statements
 Strong Statements

Sometimes your product has to tell what it needs to say boldly and transparently. In a year when we have to keep our distance and restrict in-person communication, being able to stand up for something without saying anything has led to a rise in these bold design decisions. This trendy design style is incredibly successful if your clothing promotes a cause, political campaign, or social movement. Find the correct phrase or statement to express what you want to share with your community and the rest of the world. Keep your shirt uncomplicated and simple by writing your content in a large, easy-to-read font. Have fun with vivid colors and handmade letterforms.

10. Handwritten Typography
Handwritten Typography

Using your hand-drawn typefaces, you may add a unique tone to your design. Your hand-drawn letterforms can have various moods, such as funky, vintage, firm, or delicate. The freedom and uniqueness that come with developing your writing make it an excellent choice for nearly any t-shirt design. Because font styles vary, the first step in creating your shirt is determining what mood you want to convey with your letterforms. Then, experiment with making that design more attractive by using bright colors and including lines or other design elements around the letters.


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Whether you are a dedicated graphic designer or not, you must grasp the principles of design. Strong graphics are crucial in any print on demand business strategy, and incorporating current design trends into your canvas can help take your visuals to the next level! The best approach to produce a successful graphic design for your Print on demand business is to experiment with and combine a range of various design components and graphic design trends. Be unique in your designs, yet keep the design trend basics in mind.



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