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Print on Demand and the Important Role of Green Consumerism

Learn about the primary role of green consumerism in print on demand and why it is critical to use eco-friendly products in your print on demand business.

Print on Demand and the Important Role of Green Consumerism

Consumer behavior is shifting toward a more environmentally conscious mindset, which is also true for online shopping. From 2019 to 2020, online searches for the environmental impact of online shopping increased by 2,250 percent. Overall, web searches for “shop sustainably” and related terms have increased by more than 650 percent year on year. Going green is becoming more important, and brands have no choice but to comply. In addition, you should strive to implement more environmentally friendly practices in your print on demand business.

What is Green Consumerism?

Green Consumerism

Green consumerism is the concept of learning and practicing an environmentally conscious lifestyle to protect our planet and preserve and conserve natural resources. Green consumerism is a social movement and the behavior and attitude of people who are concerned about the environment and environmental issues and are willing to spend a little more money to support brands concerned about these issues.

Importance of Green Consumerism to Print on Demand

Green Consumerism

Going green is critical because the future of our planet is entirely in our hands, as most of us are realizing. Because it is becoming increasingly important to a growing number of people, it makes perfect sense for entrepreneurs to incorporate green fashion goods into their print on demand business.

Who Is The Focus Group For Green Consumerism?

Green Consumerism

In an ideal world, green consumerism would benefit everyone. But we are not yet living in a perfect world. There are still many people who believe that global warming is a hoax. Millennials are paving the way for greener, more sustainable shopping habits. Going green makes consumers feel more responsible and earns them a million extra karma points, increasing the responsibility for brands to cater to customers’ green fashion needs. Google trends show that the search for ‘sustainable fashion’ grows exponentially year after year.

Why Choose Green Consumerism for your Print on Demand Business

1. It is On-demand

Younger generations are not only looking for sustainable print on demand products and brands, but they are also openly stating that they are willing to pay more for them. According to a survey, 73% of the millennial generation is willing to pay more for sustainable goods. It also mentions that 62 percent of Generation Z, who will begin working this year, prefer to buy from sustainable brands. This year, Gen Z will be the largest consumer generation, so brands and retailers must begin implementing sustainability practices immediately if they want to remain relevant. eCommerce entrepreneurs must understand that green consumerism becomes a more significant component of purchasing decisions with each passing generation.

2. Gives you Loyal Customers
loyal customers

Then some prefer brand new items, but they must be sustainable. And if they can’t find those items in your store, you’ve lost a customer as well as free advertising because Gen Z’s are known to share everything on social media. And, believe it or not, they are proud to be part of the green consumerism elite.

3. Saves your Money
Saves your Money

Printing on demand is a long-term practice. Almost all waste is eliminated, and you save money as a business owner by only producing what your customers pay for. Furthermore, managing an online store is unquestionably more superficial and less time-consuming than managing a physical store. Production processes are streamlined and accelerated on both the customer and print manufacturer sides. You save money on eCommerce fulfillment because you only print what you need at any given time. Printing on demand is the ideal solution.

Why Does Green Consumerism Appeal to Generation Z?

Generation Z

For a large number of Gen Z and Millennials, the climate crisis is personal. According to a recent survey, younger people (those under 18) are more likely than older people to believe climate change is an emergency. Young people’s pessimism isn’t just about the future. Despair is also felt about the past. They have only been on this planet for a short time, and they are told that their forefathers’ actions have set them up for a bleak and uncertain future. ‘How can you leave us a planet that may soon become uninhabitable?’ asks Generation Z. As a result, they are now taking the issue into their own hands, not only through activism but also through consumer choices.


 environmentally friendly

People are becoming more conscious of the environment than ever before. Print on demand businesses must take action to ensure that their practices are as environmentally friendly as possible. It includes methods for sourcing products from eco-friendly partners to contribute to creating a greener eCommerce ecosystem.

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Green in

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