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Why Print on Demand Business Customer Loyalty is Important?

Learn what customer loyalty is and why it is essential for your print on demand business. Discover the ways how it can help your business to succeed.

Why Print on Demand Business Customer Loyalty is Important?

Customer loyalty is more than just a marketing strategy for your print on demand business. It is all about nurturing your existing customer base to keep them coming back to your business. Indeed, statistics on customer loyalty show that increasing customer retention by 5% will inevitably increase your average profit per customer by 25% to 100%. According to another study, 60% of loyal customers will purchase more frequently from their preferred company. Customer loyalty can be a good qualifying measure for the success of your online business.


Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty refers to your customers’ willingness to patronize your brand and buy with you multiple times. Your loyal customers are repeat buyers who prefer your brand over competitors. Having loyal customers for your print on demand business means that your customers have consistently positive experiences with you. Your customers don’t want to waste their money experimenting with other brands that offer similar products, resulting in negative results.



It is not uncommon to come across sellers who do not meet your expectations when shopping online. It is why customer loyalty is advantageous not only for you but also for buyers who want to get the most out of their money.

Here are some of the reasons why customer loyalty can help your print on demand business succeed:

1. Cost-effective

Building customer loyalty saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on marketing to gain new customers. According to studies, acquiring new customers is approximately five times more expensive than retaining existing customers. Attracting new customers necessitates extensive research and mechanisms for connecting with them.

On the other hand, keeping your existing customers ensures you of their repeat business while allowing them to help you in expanding your business. Your loyal customers can provide positive reviews and recommendations about your products online or by word of mouth, potentially converting leads into customers. New customers, particularly for your print on demand, are interested in reading brand reviews before purchasing a product.

2. Brings competitive advantage.
 competitive advantage

There are a plethora of other stores selling similar, if not nearly identical, designs to yours. If you’re selling in a highly competitive niche, your chances of standing out are slim if you don’t have a strong customer loyalty base to back you up. Even if your competitors introduce new attractive offers at some point, It will not easily sway your loyal customers to choose other brands. Establishing a good customer loyalty program also incentivizes your loyal customers to continue patronizing your brand over others due to their benefits.

3. Keep your profits high.
high profits

Keeping your loyal clients satisfied is critical to your business’s long-term success. Even if your loyal customers do not buy in bulk or spend a large sum of money in a single transaction, the revenue you generate from them over time will most likely exceed that of one-time big-time buyers. According to studies, your loyal customers are also 50% more likely to invest in your newest offers and designs, and they are likely to spend 31% more on your brand than newly acquired customers.



The significance of reasonable customer loyalty efforts outweighs the importance of having a simple business “strategy” to skyrocket your sales for your print on demand business. Customer loyalty is critical if you want to keep your brand alive and relevant. After all, the purpose of running a business is to provide your customers with high-quality products. Your satisfied customers are proof of this.



Suppose you’re still in the early stages of your print on demand business and are struggling to attract a small group of devoted customers. In that case, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of gaining customer loyalty. In reality, everyone has to begin somewhere. It takes a combination of sufficient knowledge and the right action to lead you further in terms of customer loyalty.

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