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Print on Demand Sales Slump: Expert Tips to Overcome It

Sales slump? Here are some of the most effective strategies to help you get your print on demand business back on track and drive you to success!

Print on Demand Sales Slump: Expert Tips to Overcome It

Whether your print on demand business is new or has been in operation for decades, a sales slump can significantly negatively impact future success. You can’t change a sudden or severe drop in sales caused by factors beyond your control, such as a global economic downturn or trade disruptions due to war or crop failure. However, you can address other issues within your business. It is not a situation that any entrepreneur wants to be in, but fortunately, getting out of a sales slump is entirely possible.


1. Examine the Causes

To narrow down the best ways to turn things around, a print on demand business owner should first thoroughly review the potential causes of the sales slump. Examine your sales force’s current activities to see if productivity levels are as high as they were in previous months when your company had higher sales. In addition, keep an eye out for an increase in customer complaints about your sales team, products, or services. After you’ve ruled out internal causes, consider external ones like the recent introduction of a competing product or business.

2. Motivate Sales Representatives

Sales representative’s lack of confidence in their own or teams’ abilities, print demand products, or the company can lead to decreased productivity and sales. Bring your sales team together, outline what you believe causes the recent slump, solicit input, and discuss and implement solutions such as better training. A simple gesture such as an employee suggestion box can motivate sales reps to work harder if they have previously felt that management has ignored their concerns.

3. Modify your Methods

Sales may also suffer as a result of the methods you employ to generate new business. For example, if most of your sales come from warm upsell or new product calls to existing clients, encourage employees to cold call individuals or businesses outside of your client base who fit into your target market. Consider establishing a referral program with existing clients in which they receive a discount referral bonus for referring new business to you. Furthermore, if you primarily advertise to a local market, promote your business online via banner ads and social networks.

4. Change Your Offerings
service offerings

Another strategy for overcoming a sales slump is to modify your product or service offerings to make them more appealing or up-to-date. Changes may include:

  • Changing the features of existing products.
  • Discontinuing products that do not sell well.
  • Adding new products that correspond to current buying trends and future forecasts.

Survey current customers to learn more about the products they’d like to see you sell.

5. Spending Cuts
Spending Cuts

When business owners cannot recoup losses quickly enough during a sales slump, they must frequently make significant cuts in spending to ride it out. Consider selling old inventory at a steep discount to reduce storage costs or temporarily downsizing your business location and workforce. Additionally, shop around for lower-cost services that you regularly use at your business.

6. Seek assistance.
Seek assistance.

Reach out for assistance if you are genuinely struggling. Other store owners are likely to have experienced a sales slump similar to yours and may be able to offer some advice. People are often too afraid to seek assistance because they perceive it as a sign of weakness. However, seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength because you’re open and honest about something you’re unsure about. You can find other sellers in Facebook groups or Quora communities. To get ideas, listen to podcasts, radio shows, or watch YouTube videos.


sales slump

Remember that having a sales slump does not imply that you are bad at managing your business. Most eCommerce sellers will experience a drop in sales at some point in their careers. Accept a sales slump as a learning opportunity rather than a failure. Beating it will improve your business growth, but only if you don’t give up and keep going. So, take our expert advice and let us know if you’ve tried any other strategies in the comments!



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