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Print on Demand Products: Ways to Customize and Personalize

Better understand the distinction between print on demand products customization and product personalization, as well as its importance to your business.

Print on Demand Products: Ways to Customize and Personalize

Almost every print on demand business has gone online this year, and consumers are becoming more accustomed to the normal process of purchasing the majority of their items online. Products that were once only ordered over the phone or purchased in stores have irreversibly moved online. Print on demand products customization and personalization are trends that will likely continue and accelerate, so the savvy store owner should be well-positioned to capitalize on this exciting trend.

In the context of Print on Demand, the terms product personalization and product customization are almost interchangeable. They are distinct but related concepts.



Product customization refers to the process of taking a product from another manufacturer and “making it your own.” It is a personal brand or white-label version of someone else’s product.


You do not manufacture the items sold in your store. These are provided by the print on demand providers and are sourced from prominent manufacturers in most cases. Print on demand companies create “blank” products that are usually monochromatic and only come in specific styles. If you use one of these blanks, you can’t change the way they made it. You will personalize these blanks. Customers buy products made in collaboration by the original manufacturer, the print provider, and you.


Product customization is one of the most popular products sold in print on demand stores. When searching for almost any type of product available in a print on demand business, customized print on demand products consistently rank near the top of the search results. That means there is a massive market for customized products.


Products Personalization

Product personalization refers to the customer, not the store owner. Instead of a store owner customizing a product with their designs, the customer provides graphics, designs, or photos in product personalization.


Even in the pre-Internet or “baby Internet” days, your grandmother could order a product with their name on it, such as a baby’s hat. Although their name was unusual, they could usually find a way to get a personalized product, such as a picture frame, at a photo booth.


This is a little more difficult, but it is one of the most common types of items to sell. It is popular during all seasons because people prefer to give personalized gifts to their loved ones. Furthermore, they desire personalized products for themselves. The concept of product personalization is not new, but the methods for achieving a personalized product are.


Growing Markets

Product customization is only one step in the sales process for both you and your customers. Personalization of product is even more complicated, but it may result in a more accessible sale depending on how it is done. Product customization enables you to generate hundreds of ideas and place them all in your store, and with print on demand, you don’t even have to pay for the extra space or product designs that your branded merchandise takes up.

According to a global October 2019 survey of e-commerce decision-makers, 78 percent of global e-commerce companies planned to increase their investment in personalization in 2020. Furthermore, they discovered that 14 percent of global e-commerce companies intend to maintain their personalization investments in 2020, while only one percent intend to decrease their investments.


 Made Simple

Today, we hope we were able to help you understand the differences between product customization and personalization. These processes add value to a production chain and help you sell products in your store. Begin personalizing and customizing products with Fulfillplex today.



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