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Latest Guide to Print on Demand International Logistics

Latest Guide to Print on Demand International Logistics

Going global was previously only an option for enterprise brands and the largest retailers. Ecommerce businesses of all sizes now have more resources than ever to expand globally. Thanks to globalization, getting in front of an international customer base is a huge opportunity. In fact, by 2022, cross-border purchases will account for 20% of all global ecommerce. However, the international ecommerce market is competitive, and having a strong print on demand international logistics strategy is essential. Shipping international orders is complicated, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. However, with the right technology, fulfillment infrastructure, and logistics expertise, you can easily enter global markets.



International logistics is the transportation of finished goods across an international supply chain. Cross-border shipping and international distribution efficiently deliver goods to end users worldwide. Print on demand international logistics includes demand planning, transportation, storage and warehousing, inventory management, information monitoring, and package stocking. A company must have an international audience and headquarters in a single country — or supply chain stages in multiple countries to conduct international logistics.


1. Time-consuming
Late Shipments

International logistics operations can be a major headache for ecommerce businesses if they are not properly managed. Every aspect of the cross-border supply chain takes time and effort, from selecting the right carrier partners to tracking the flow of goods and calculating international shipping costs and transit times. Many international ecommerce brands benefit from outsourcing international logistics to a print on demand company with the infrastructure, technology, resources, and expertise to ship international orders efficiently and affordably.

2. Late Shipments

Not only can shipping far from home increase transit times, but other issues, such as customs, can also cause delivery delays. Customers expect fast and affordable shipping no matter where they live. And there will almost certainly be competition if you sell a high-demand product overseas. However, there are ways to reduce cross-border shipping delays. One method is to keep inventory in the country to which you’re shipping, which significantly reduces transit times, lowers shipping costs, and alleviates concerns about international orders being held up at customs. It will not only save you money, but it will also help you meet the expectations of your customers regardless of where they live.

3. Ineffective Return Management
Return Management

Returns are an unavoidable part of running a successful ecommerce business. However, dealing with returns can be difficult, especially with international orders. Return delays not only irritate your customers, but they can also reduce profitability due to reverse logistics costs. Developing an efficient returns management process can greatly benefit your business. 92% of shoppers will buy from the retailer again if the returns process is simple. 


1. Reach International Customers
International Customers

The most significant advantage of hiring a well-known print on demand logistics solutions company is that it allows you to reach all your customers, no matter where they are. Thanks to their relationships with international freight specialists, you also gain access to more carrier options and shipping destinations than ever before. Working with companies from different countries can expose you to new perspectives and ideas for growing your business. You can be exposed to new ideas and cultures that will help you discover new ways to do business.

2. Reduce Your Shipping Costs
Shipping Costs

Though the cost of shipping internationally will vary depending on the destination country and other factors, a top ecommerce fulfillment company can assist you in developing a distribution strategy that will minimize shipping costs. You can reduce shipping costs for international orders in various ways, including storing inventory domestically and taking advantage of the print on demand service provider’s negotiated carrier rates or bulk-ship inventory to one of their international fulfillment locations, allowing you to ship domestically in other parts of the world. 

3. Orders Can Be Easily Filled

With the right physical and digital logistics partner, you can now fulfill these orders without worrying about stock shortages, shipping costs, or delays. Print on demand fulfillment companies can offer international ecommerce fulfillment center locations to store your inventory and deliver your orders faster, in addition to expedited shipping for international orders. We ship orders from the location closest to the destination because we have multiple strategic locations.


International logistic

International logistics can be challenging, but you can face them with others. Fulfillplex makes it easier to confidently enter new international markets. With our expanding global fulfillment network and best-in-class technology, you can easily expand your business globally while lowering shipping costs, shortening transit times, and providing a great buying experience for your customers everywhere. To learn more about Fulfillplex’s logistics capabilities, click here and we get in touch. 

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