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Key Print on Demand Supplements Trends (2023-2025)

Use this list of supplement trends for 2023-2025 to increase the sales of your print on demand supplements business in this rapidly changing world.

Key Print on Demand Supplements Trends (2023-2025)

Resolutions for better health and wellness remain in consumers’ minds as 2023 begins. Supplement manufacturers can expect growth in unique supplement markets and new product categories as consumers prioritize their well-being. If you own a print on demand supplements company or are considering starting one, you may wonder which supplements will be popular in the coming years. Today, we’ll look at six key supplement trends for 2023-2025 to help you see what’s coming around the corner in the dietary supplement industry.


1. New Supplement Categories Will Rise
Supplement Categories

In 2022, the dietary supplement market was expected to be worth $163.9 billion. According to one industry study, this could reach $327.4 billion by 2030 (at an 8.9% CAGR). Established supplement categories such as multivitamins, vitamin D, and whey protein powder will contribute to some of this growth. However, a significant portion of the growth in this space will come from entirely new product categories like sleep gummies. Sleep gummies are gummy supplements that contain compounds and nutrients that help you sleep. Moreover, irish moss is another emerging supplement category and it is a popular supplement for digestion and fertility. 

Furthermore, turmeric was one of the most popular supplement trends in the last five years and is still popular today. Finally, there’s mushroom coffee. Mushroom coffee is made with powdered fungi such as lion’s mane, cordyceps, and chaga. Furthermore, it tastes similar to regular coffee, but because it contains less coffee, it contains less caffeine.

2. Demand For Collagen Grows

According to Grand View Research, the collagen market is growing by 9.0% annually. The collagen category is expanding since collagen has many applications and use cases. In addition, most people take collagen to help improve their skin, hair, and joint health. However, cosmetics use approximately 15% of all collagen. This application blurs the distinction between supplements and makeup. Furthermore, we’re seeing significant increases in demand for niche collagen products such as fish collagen (also known as “marine collagen”), which makes it an accessible alternative to traditional collagen for people who don’t eat meat.

3. Gummies Are Becoming A Popular Supplement Form

CBD gummies helped solidify gummies as a convenient and tasty way to take supplements for many people. In recent years, many supplements have been “gummified.” Indeed, interest in apple cider vinegar has been growing for some time, owing largely to its ability to boost the immune system. Many people drink “ACV shots” or make drinks to mask the bitter taste of apple cider vinegar. Gummies, on the other hand, are quickly becoming the most popular way to consume ACV. Elderberry, turmeric, and hair gummies are other examples of growing gummy supplement categories.

4. Pet Supplements Are Prominent
Pet Supplements

The previous year, 31% of dog owners purchased over-the-counter pet supplements. And the demand for pet supplements is increasing. Owners give supplements to their pets for various reasons, including improving joint health, coat appearance, and heart health. Surprisingly, many popular pet supplements are similar to those consumed by humans. Probiotics for pets are another human-inspired pet supplement category. Dogs and cats, like humans, have a microbiome. Additionally, probiotic and prebiotic supplementation may benefit animal gut health.

5. Vegan Supplements Are Becoming More Popular

Approximately 5-8% of Americans eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. As a result, many Americans are looking for vegan-friendly supplements. Vegan versions of popular supplements that normally contain animal ingredients and supplements prevent deficiencies that can occur while following a vegan diet. Vegan collagen is one example of a growing vegan supplement. While animal collagen must be derived, many vegan collagen supplement manufacturers attempt to recreate collagen from plant-based ingredients or market nutrients that improve skin and nail health as “vegan collagen.”

6. Online Sales Of Print On Demand Supplement Brands Will Increase
Online Sales

2020 was a huge year for direct-to-consumer marketing, owing largely to the pandemic. The rapid growth of the eCommerce sector impacted the supplement industry, as it did many other industries, including healthcare. We’re seeing an increasing number of print on demand supplement brands go 100% online. In other words, instead of competing for shelf space, they sell their supplements entirely online, either from their website or from a third-party website like Amazon.



Remembering what health benefits consumers seek will be critical as the supplement market moves forward in 2023. Health-conscious consumers value results-driven products, reflected in the rising demand for higher quality and natural supplements to support their overall health and well-being. Supplement companies should prioritize brand quality and transparency to deliver the best products and meet consumer expectations.


business growth

Money does not lie; spending in the health and wellness industry is shifting toward new print on demand products. As we move into 2023, new and different vitamin and mineral supplements are trending higher in online searches. The fact that many new health supplement categories cater to small, niche audiences is the one thread that connects many of these trends. While mainstream supplements will continue to exist, we can expect new products that appeal to smaller groups to drive much of the growth in the supplement space.

Partnering with a reputable print on demand service provider can help you develop and promote the supplements that will be popular in 2023-2025, all while reducing the risks of business ownership. Fulfillplex is a top ecommerce fulfillment business specializing in print on demand fulfillment and will help you respond to and adapt to new and emerging trends in the supplement industry. Contact us now to learn more. 

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