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Features of a Well-Designed Print on Demand Products Label

Let us take a look at the top five fundamentals of creating effective labels that can help your print on demand products stand out from the crowd.

Features of a Well-Designed Print on Demand Products Label

Building a successful business begins with producing a high-quality product. You must also persuade customers to buy it. One of the first aspects of your brand that customers will notice is the product label. Product label design is critical in product marketing because it is the element that persuades customers to buy your product rather than the competitor’s next to it on the shelf. With a distinctive and professional label, you can capture their attention. Let’s look at the fundamentals of creating effective labels to help your print on demand products stand out.


1. A Color Scheme That Reflects the Brand
Color Scheme

When it comes to label design, color selection is one of the most important aspects to get right. Begin by matching your color palette to your product’s brand and personality. Bright, vibrant tones, for example, is a perfect fit if your product is craft beer with a zany vibe. If, on the other hand, you’re selling a high-end, organic merlot, a softer, more subdued color palette is appropriate. 

Once you’ve nailed the mood, double-check that the chosen colors complement each other. Certain colors or hues work well together, while others cause cognitive dissonance. Canva’s Color Wheel tool can assist you in selecting the ideal color scheme. When selecting colors, remember that they must complement your product packaging. 

You can also use this guide in choosing the best colors: Print on Demand Color Guide: Ways to Get the Best Colors

2. An Appropriate Size and Shape
Size and Shape

Choosing the right size and shape for your print on demand product label is almost as important as picking the right colors. A good fit will be determined largely by the type of product packaging you use. If your product is packaged in a round container, you must choose between a full wrap and front and back labels. Choosing a custom label shape further distinguishes your product from competitors. Consider label shapes that reflect the contents of the package.

Shapes, ranging from round to rectangular and beyond, can be an excellent way to distinguish your label from the competition. The size and shape of the label are largely determined by the product’s packaging or container. Separating the front and back labels also allows you to brand the front while providing enough information on the back. Your label’s shape, particularly the front label, can help draw attention to your product.

3. A Durable Material 
Durable Material

Product labels come in a variety of materials. The nature of your product will determine the best options and the environments it will be exposed to. Paper labels are ideal for applications where the product is unlikely to come into contact with moisture. BOPP or polyester-based materials provide superior water resistance and durability for beverages or condiments.

4. High-Quality Graphics
High-Quality Graphics

Custom graphics of exceptional quality can elevate a label design to new heights. Everyone can recall picking up a product solely because the packaging piqued their interest. Although it may be tempting to save money by purchasing pre-designed labels, investing in high-quality graphics is money well spent. Select professional photos, and when choosing a print on demand service provider, ensure that their labels are printed on high-quality printers that can do justice to your graphics and images.

5. Consistency

If your product is part of a series in a product line, ensure that the design is consistent with your other offerings. It doesn’t have to be identical, but there should be enough similarity to tell consumers they’re all part of the same brand. The ability of digital labels to present your brand’s designs in fine detail will attract them to your products, whereas having a design consistency will identify your products to those who are already familiar with your brand. 

Matching different products with the same brand is also an excellent way to market new products – if customers recognize the brand on a new item that they haven’t tried before, they’ll be more likely to pick it up because they already know they can rely on it to deliver a high-quality product.


Custom label printing

Marketing, including packaging, is often the difference between a product that sells and one that does not. Print on demand products with labels that adhere to established design principles while adding a creative twist are far more likely to end up in a customer’s physical or digital shopping cart than those that do not. Custom label printing is frequently the best option for creating a unique and memorable product that your customers cannot resist!

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