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Designing Viral Print on Demand Products: The Expert Advice

Here are some expert tips that can help you create designs for your print on demand products that stand out and bring your business leads and sales.

Designing Viral Print on Demand Products: The Expert Advice

It’s exciting to create print on demand products, but what makes a design go viral? Moreover, it is critical to create product designs that captivate the audience and enable you to remain relevant in our fast-paced world where trends come and go. You and your competitors are constantly competing for attention, which is why creating designs that stand out from the crowd is a must-have for success.


1. Be more strategic and less basic.

Don’t slap some basic text and clipart on a product and hope customers like it. Investigate various approaches to creating viral print on demand product designs, such as using large, bold, easy-to-read text or relatable memes; these will significantly increase your chances of going viral. However, you must be strategic not only with your designs but also with your marketing. As a result, a solid marketing strategy is what will get your design noticed.

2. Enhance your design

You don’t have to be exceptional at everything. Furthermore, knowing when to outsource tasks you aren’t great at and finding someone good at it is essential to being an entrepreneur. In addition, there are many talented designers available, so hire one to bring your design concepts to life. Moreover, you can work with customizable templates or create your own if you can’t afford a designer.

Here is a list of resources to look into:
  • Creative Market is a place where you can buy design templates.
  • Canva is a user-friendly design tool with drag-and-drop features and layouts for beginners.
  • Adobe Photoshop is one of the most prominent tools for creating your designs.

If you want to hone your design skills, you can find tutorials for almost any tool on YouTube or Skillshare. In addition, learning to design could be one of the most beneficial skills you can acquire for your business.

3. Learn more about advancements.

It’s not just the design that’s important; you should also consider the materials it’s made of. Here are some things to keep in mind as you design your soon-to-be viral print on demand products:

  • Bigger is always better. The larger the print on demand product design, the more noticeable it is. If it doesn’t catch the customer’s attention right away, they’ll scroll past it.
  • Check if the text is easy to read. Many customers do not read the product title and instead focus on the product image. Not only in your store but also Google search results, so make sure your design text is legible in thumbnails.
  • Make use of contrasting colors. Viral print on demand products should have good color contrast to distinguish the design and text from the product’s color. However, people prefer simple to understand; the greater the contrast, the greater the likelihood of getting more sales.
4. Keep your commitments.

Have you ever ordered something online only to receive something completely different? It is critical that your product photos are as close to what the product looks like in real life as possible, or you risk disappointing the customer. In addition, this sense of dependability is the key to your designs going viral. Furthermore, customers who have a positive experience with your brand are more likely to share your print on demand products on social media and participate in any viral trend. Deliver the expected product quality, and you’ll be one step closer to strengthening customer relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

5. Keep Up to Date

The subject matter of any viral hit is the first component: a viral joke, meme, or story on the verge of going viral. It’s pointless to create a design for a viral trend that died out months ago. Keep an eye on upcoming trends to stay relevant, and check organic searches for the trend you want to cover. Suppose a search term related to your trend increases in popularity on Google Trends, but there isn’t much competition in the usual product marketplaces. In that case, it could be a sign that your timing is good, and you can get in before the market becomes saturated.


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Looking at all of these expert tips, you should remember that there are a few truths. These lessons will help your print on demand products design go viral, from making your designs more relatable to paying close attention to even the most mundane details. And once you’ve mastered design, the opportunities for advancement with all-over print are endless.

Now, go out there and start working on your next viral design! Whatever method you choose to create viral designs, remember to keep them bold but straightforward. Above all, find what works best for your brand and remember to have fun. Customers will sense your genuine enthusiasm for your work if you are genuinely enthusiastic about it.


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