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Ways to Design Best-selling Print on Demand Products | 2022

Print on demand is all about the designs. Finding print on demand products design that sells is the challenge. Here are some tips on how you can do that!

Ways to Design Best-selling Print on Demand Products | 2022

The design of your product is the viewer’s first impression of your product, and ultimately your brand. According to one study, people make subconscious decisions about print on demand products within the first 90 seconds of seeing them. As a result, one of the most critical steps you should take to ensure the success of your print on demand business is to find high-selling designs.

It is not to say that other factors such as product quality, shipment, and customer service are unimportant. On the other hand, the design is the main selling point of a print on demand business. Furthermore, this is a very visual industry.

Buyers buy what they want and what looks good on them, but they also choose one with good reviews and product quality. It means that finding a high-selling design for your print on demand business should be at the top of your priority list.


Step 1. Know your target market.
target market

Best-selling print on demand product designs are built on great concepts and ideas – but your concepts and ideas won’t be great if you don’t understand your audience and their motivations. Take the time to delve beneath the surface of your target market’s knowledge so that you can truly understand what is important to them. To create a design that appeals to them and is genuine rather than forced, you must put yourself in their shoes.

Step 2. Consider your business brand.
business brand

When making design decisions, keep your brand in mind. Understand how the theme of your brand translates to a catalog. It includes more than just using your business’s colors and printing your logo on every corner. If it has a cheeky personality, you could include jokes in the product descriptions. The product visuals could feature models wearing masks of famous comic or sci-fi movie characters if it’s a geeky brand.

Step 3. Make a list of your ideas and select the best ones.
list of your ideas

Make a list of all the features you want to see in your print on demand products. It should include anything you can think of on that list. Know and remember the features of your products. This procedure is intended to help you organize your thoughts. The designing process will be much easier if you know what you want to appear. Isolate your most vital concepts – the ones that are most likely to resonate with your target audience – and only then begin designing.

Step 4. Begin sketching

Even if you’re hiring a designer to do the work, it’s a good idea to sketch out how you want your catalog to look. It does not have to be done by hand; it could be done on a computer if you lack the necessary skills. The professional will eventually tell you what works and what doesn’t, and he’ll probably draw his sketch. However, with your idea on paper, he’ll be able to start on much more solid ground.

Step 5. Maintain simplicity.

When it comes to designing best-selling print on demand products that sell, simplicity is your best friend. However, for the vast majority of best-selling print on demand product designs, simplicity triumphs over complexity. Your design must communicate a message to your target audience clearly and concisely. Your target audience should be able to see and understand your design in a matter of seconds. It is up to you to determine whether intricate graphics and lots of text are appropriate for your target audience.

Step 6. Your color palette should be limited.
 color palette

You can use as many colors as you want now that print on demand is available. However, limiting the colors makes it look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. It also reduces complexity, allowing your market to grasp the message more quickly.


1. Monetize Trends and Events
Monetize Trends

In today’s digital world, almost anything that is popular can be monetized. Someone is probably making a product design out of trending events, advocacies, or even a trending meme online. If you go this route, you must source your designs quickly to make the most of the time that a trend is still relevant. Begin by looking at what is trending on Twitter and Google Trends. What’s excellent about jumping on trend bandwagons is that there are already many people interested in and talking about them. It will give you an idea of the types of topics on which you can base your designs for print on demand products.

2. Target Fandoms
Target Fandoms

If all fandom groups have one thing in common, it’s the amount of time, energy, and money they’re willing to invest in their favorite show, band, artist, or group. Designs for print on demand products can include famous statements and phrases that refer to a popular show, artist, etc. However, it would help if you took caution because some statements may be protected by copyright. If you’re not sure, you can always see if your phrase or quote has already been trademarked. The key is to be creative when creating products inspired by fandom groups’ interests. Finding creative and artistic ways to incorporate references can be an excellent way to increase your print on demand business sales.

3. Upload High-Quality Visuals and Mockups

Nobody wants to look at a low-quality product listing. No matter how interesting or visually appealing your design is, uploading it with high-quality features is still essential. You can use various software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The print on demand industry is too competitive for low-quality designs. If you underinvest in product design, you might get what you pay for in the end. Using a high-quality mockup also allows potential buyers to imagine themselves using your products. To make your mockup model more appealing to your target audience, consider its age, gender, and size.

4. Analyze the results

A cold analysis should be the last step in your catalog journey. Determine whether or not people are engaging with the content or simply bouncing off. Examine whether sales have increased, decreased, or remained constant. You could also survey to find out what people think of the new service. If the results are not satisfactory, it may be necessary to retrace your steps and redesign.



As a competitive player in the game, your advantage is being well-versed in your niche by conducting product research for high-selling designs through various channels. Following that, your ability to create well-produced and unique print on demand product designs will undoubtedly increase your chances of success.


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