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Choosing the Right Print on Demand Products Packaging

Discover the print on demand products packaging fundamentals to make your products more appealing to customers and provide an excellent customer experience.

Choosing the Right Print on Demand Products Packaging

First impressions are important, especially in the case of product packaging. According to Nielsen market research, the average consumer is only willing to give brands 13 seconds of their time before making an in-store purchase decision and 19 seconds before making an online purchase. Through a collection of visual cues that make a product appear more desirable than the competition, the right product packaging can help trigger a purchase decision. This post will go over the print on demand products packaging fundamentals you need to know to make your products more appealing to customers and provide an excellent customer experience. It explains how to select the right materials and use them and what to consider when designing your product packaging.



Many tasks must be completed by print on demand products packaging. Packaging must be sufficiently protected, so the contents are not damaged during shipping or transport. Packaging is also the primary means of communicating product information, such as government-regulated consumer data and how-to instructions. Packing is also an important marketing tool for you. Well-designed packaging doubles as an eye-catching billboard, capturing shoppers’ attention as they browse the digital or physical shelves.


1. Durability

The path that products take from the manufacturing facility to the consumer varies. You may ship directly to consumers or hire ecommerce fulfillment and shipping services to transport your products to retail locations. Your packaging should ensure that your product reaches your customer in pristine condition. If you are shipping directly to consumers or selling easily broken products, consider using robust corrugated material in your packaging. This type of packaging is more expensive, but it will save you money in the long run by avoiding the costs of replacing damaged products. A cheaper paperboard box may suffice if you’re selling small items that ship directly to stores in multi-unit corrugated boxes.

2. Ease of Opening
Ease of Opening

Packaging for print on demand products must be simple to open. Nothing irritates a customer more than futilely attempting to open a box or extract a product from its container. Have people open packaged products to test your product packaging. Was the procedure easy? Is there anything about the unboxing experience that could be improved? Consider ways to delight the customer and reduce friction in the opening process. Brand loyalty and word-of-mouth can be increased by including fun brand messages or promotional products such as stickers.

3. Marketing Message

One of your best opportunities to connect with new customers and delight existing ones is through packaging your print on demand products. Designing with your target audience in mind ensures that your packaging and design choices encourage your current customers to remain loyal in the long run. Each layer of packaging, beginning with the product box, provides unique branding opportunities. The product box is a blank canvas for custom graphics and messaging that support the brand culture you’re creating. Other ways to connect include including an invitation to connect on social media, sharing stories about customer experiences with your product, or including a small piece of swag or a complimentary product sample.

4. Size

Suppose you have a product that comes in four different sizes. In that case, you can save money by designing two different-sized packages rather than four individual sizes by being economical with dimensions and design. Being innovative and incorporating cost-cutting measures like this can help to ensure the integrity of the product you ship. As a bonus, you will save time and money while ensuring consistency across your products.

5. Materials And Sustainability

When it comes to the materials you use to package your product, a good rule of thumb is to treat it as you would. Flexible films are lightweight and produce excellent printing results in most cases. Compared to heavier, bulkier options, the freight and shipping costs are also extremely favorable for businesses. There are also film options available to help your brand promote sustainability. Today, excellent flexible bagging options are available that can protect your product in transit while also being simple to open and dispose of. Determine which materials work best and select those best suited to your products.



The packaging of a product can make or break the customer experience. Custom packaging protects a product from damage during shipping and also helps your product stand out in a sea of competitors. Considering all the above factors, you will be well prepared to create a beautiful, sustainable, eye-catching, and high-quality package. It will ensure that selecting the right materials for your business is smooth and productive. Finally, you will send out only the most appealing products for your company.

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